International Contemporary Dance Festival



Rite of Spring (2018)

World premiere 19th October 2018
as part of Shanghai International Arts Festival

A Peacock Contemporary Dance Company Production

Co-produced with Shanghai International Arts Festival; Sadler’s Wells, London; Melbourne Festival; Brisbane Festival; Stanford Live; Edinburgh International Festival;

Yang Liping’s Rite of Spring reflects her artistic ambition to refine her artistic “voice” further by offering her interpretation of one of the most revered musical scores for dance in the 20th century. It will be a full length production. The work will be constructed in three sections with the second section using the original Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. The first and last section will use a specially created new score, inspired by traditional music from Tibet.

What sets Yang’s version apart is that it will be influenced by Tibetan and Chinese symbols of nature as well as beliefs in the cyclicity of life and death, of duty —and the inevitability of rebirth.

It is not Yang’s intentions to create a real materialistic world but to find an abstraction of a physical universe where time, space and life co-exist in the transient sense of a cycle. 

For her Rite of Spring Yang has assembled a highly experienced creative team from China and around the world –China, UK, Italy, Holland and India. Some of China’s most exceptional traditional and modern dancers are currently being cast in the work.

Director/Choreographer: Yang Li Ping

Visual Director: Tim Yip

Composer:Igor Stravinsky

Xuntian He 

Literature Director: Gelou Liang

Lighting Design: Fabiana Piccioli 

Projection design: Tobias Gremmler

Rehearsal Director:Zhonghui Gong, Yimeng Li


Da Zhu (Fengwei Zhu), Xiaofan Feng, Maya Dong (Jilan Dong), Shui Yue (Han Xiao), Yimeng Li, Chengliang Lv, Gloria Ng, Jinxia Ni, Ying Zhao, Ziye Chen, Yuqi Han, Qi Gao, Yuting Wang, Yue Yue,

Executive Producer: Nathan Wang, Jane Yang

Creative Producer: Farooq Chaudhry

Technical Producer: Sander Loonen 

Project Manager: Max Ma

It will be Yang’s first major international co-production with the following confirmed partners: Shanghai International Arts Festival and Sadler’s Wells London, Melbourne Festival, Brisbane Festival, Stanford Live and Edinburgh International Arts Festival. Research and development were undertaken in 2017 with a world premiere in Shanghai 19th-21st October 2018. This will be followed by an international tour in 2019 and 2020.

Biographies – Key Creative Team


Yang Liping,Director/Choreographer

Yang Liping is a Bai, an ethnic minority group from Dali in China’s Yunnan Province. She is a National First-class dancer and the vice chairman of China Dancers Association.

Yang’s main credits, many in which she has performed, include Spirit of the Peacock, Moonlight, Two Trees, Love of the Peacock, Dynamic Yunnan, Tibetan Mystery, Echoes of Shangri-La and Winter Peacock. In 2015 she created her first major international modern dance production Under Siege which has featured in many prestigious arts festivals and venues around the world. Rite of Spring is her second major international co-production..


Tim Yip, Visual Director

Tim Yip is a famous artist who works in the various fields of costume design, visual art, cinema set design and contemporary art creation. Obsessed with Chinese contemporary art, Tim won an Oscar for Best Art Design and the British Film Academy award for Best Costume Design in 2001 for his work on the film Crouching Tiger Hid den Dragon. He was the first ethnic Chinese person to win either award.


Xuntian He, Composer 

Distinguished composer, Creator of a new musical language, professor at Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Received 15 international composition awards, including the Outstanding Musical Achievement Award of the International New Music Composer Competition USA 1989-1990; 13 national composition awards, including the First Prize at the Third All-China Music Competition.


Geluo Liang, Literary Director  

Member of the Chinese Dancers Association, Chinese new prominent dramaturge, director, online dance critic. He has written, planned and directed many large-scale stage shows.


Fabiana Piccioli, Lighting Designer

Fabiana Piccioli is the Technical Director and Lighting Designer of Akram Khan Company, touring with the company worldwide. Since 2013 she has collaborated with many international artists and choreographers as Lighting Designer. Fabiana based in Rome, working at present on a range of different scale projects including dance, theatre, concerts and opera. Winner of the 2013 Knight of Illumination Award (Best Lighting for Dance).


Sander Loonen, Technical Producer

Sander Loonen is an experienced technical producer in theatre and specialized in designing and realising visionary, large-scale sets for dance that tour around the world. He designed for Akram Khan company, English National Ballet, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoi and Royal Ballet of Flanders, and his technical director credits include for Wunderbaum (Netherlands), Akram Khan Company (UK) and Aakash Odedra Company (UK).


Farooq Chaudhry, International Creative Producer

Farooq was awarded an Asian Achievement Award for his work as a dancer in 1988. After retiring from dancing in 1999 he completed an MA in Arts Management from City University. A year later he teamed up with Akram Khan and co-founded Akram Khan Company. In addition to his work for Akram Khan Company, Chaudhry became the International Creative Producer for China’s national dance icon Yang Liping since January 2016.


Nathan Wang, Producer

Nathan is a practicing solicitor in Australia. He has been General Manager of Yunnan Yang Liping Arts Culture Co., Ltd. in 2008 and the Producer of all the company’s nine productions.


Zhonghui Gong, Rehearsal Director 

Graduated from the Department of Editorial, Beijing Dance Academy. He used to be the artistic director of the Beijing Modern Dance Company and is currently a teacher at the Music College of Guizhou Normal University. His editorial works include "Country Doctor", "Grass Trilogy", "Gazebo", etc.


Yimeng Li, Rehearsal Director 

The only Asian dancer in New York Broadway Show "Fuerza Brutta". She graduated from the modern dance choreographer of Beijing Dance Academy.

Biographies – Performers

Da Zhu (Fengwei Zhu),  

Da Zhu, from Anhui, previously was a resident dancer of the Beijing Modern Dance Company from 2014 to 2017.


Xiaofan Feng 

Xiaofan Feng, born in Yunnan, Naxi minority, graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music.


Maya Dong (Jilan Dong)

Maya, Bai minority and born in Dali Yunnan, she participated in dance performances such as "Dynamic Yunnan", "Peacock", "Under Siege" "Peacock of Winter" and “Rite of Spring” since the age of eleven for over fourteen years. In 2018, Maya created and performed her first solo dance "Whip" at the premiere of Sadler’s Wells in the UK.


Shui Yue (Han Xiao)

Shui Yue, Bai minority of Dali, Yunnan, graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy. After graduation, she joined the Peacock Contemporary Dance Company.


Yimeng Li 

The only Asian dancer in New York Broadway Show "Fuerza Brutta". She graduated from the modern dance choreographer of Beijing Dance Academy.


Chengliang Lv

Chengliang Lv, born in Liaoning, graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy in modern dance in 2011.


Gloria Ng 

Gloria Ng,Born in Hong Kong. In September 2017, she has relocated to London and undertaking the EDge programme provided by LCDs.


Jingxia Ni

Jingxia Ni, born in Hunan, graduated from Yunnan Arts University.


Ying Zhao 

Ying Zhao, graduated from the Dance Academy of Shanghai Theatre Academy, has undertaking the  Dance Performance graduate programme provided by Taipei National University of the Arts Dance Performance Institute.


Ziye Chen

Ziye Chen, graduated from Sichuan Normal University


Yuqi Han

Yuqi Han, born in Xi'an, Shaanxi, graduated from the Department of Dance at Guizhou Normal University.


Gao Qi

Gao Qi, born in Yuncheng, Shanxi, graduated from Southwest Minzu University, majoring in dance performance.


Wang Yuting

Wang Yuting, from Anhui, graduated from the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy and majored in choreography and studied dance and teaching at the School of Continuing Education of Beijing Dance Academy.


Yue Yue

Yue Yue, born in Shandong, graduated from the Dance Academy of Yunnan Arts University.

Co-produced with

   China Shanghai International Arts Festival
   Sadler’s Wells, London
 Credit List of Co-producer.jpg  DYRS Group
   Edinburgh International Festival
 Credit List of Co-producer5.jpg  Stanford Live

Represrntative in Russia