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Kukai Dantza

Kukai Dantza is a dance company that was created and currently resides in, Errenteria (Gipuzkoa). It was created on the initiative of dancer and choreographer Jon Maya Sein in the year 2001 with the purpose to undertake contemporary creation based upon traditional Basque culture and dance while promoting encounters with other artistic languages and dance styles.

Since traditional dance is the mother of all dances, it is from which we, dancers and choreographers, nurture ourselves. Still, every word –every dance step– arises from a dancer’s interpreting and inventing them, being an action which is always contemporary and evolving with the times.

In 2008 a new creative path was undertaken by inviting international choreographers who increased the company’s ability to adapt to new languages and spaces, like city squares, football stadions, museums, etc,  and carrying projects involving film, architecture, fashion, gastronomy, etc.

Oskara” is an installation work that reviews some aspects of Basque culture such as traditional myths, music, songs, from their origin until contemporary times – etching out a plastic, emotional path of symbols and iconography with an ambiguous and disconcerting force which, in the most absolute way, contains the history of human experience. Since there is not a fix story the observer dives into an ocean of images that brings him to a travel into his own universe of past, present and future.

“If you want to know who you are, dance!” Based on the documentary by Pablo Iraburu and Iñaki AlforjaKukai Dantza presents this format in which dance and film come together. Three dancers execute fragments of the show “Oskara,” which are then combined with the documentary’s screening. The creative process of the show is the origin of this work in which IDENTITY is under reflection.

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