International Contemporary Dance Festival
  • 10/11 September 2019
    Peacock Contemporary Dance Company / China
    Rite of Spring, choreographer Yang Liping
    The Bolshoi Theatre, New Stage

    The Rite of Spring

    Peacock Contemporary Dance Company

    The choreographer Yang Liping

    One of the icons of Chinese dance art, Yang Liping, presents her own interpretation of the famous ballet The Rite of Spring. In a new and spectacular performance featuring a synthesis of modern choreography and traditional Chinese peacock dance, with music by Igor Stravinsky and traditional Tibetan music from He Xuntian's arrangement. Liping presents an interpretation of pagan ritual sacrifice through the lens of Asian aesthetics and philosophy.

  • 18/19 September 2019
    Dorrance Dance / USA
    Jungle Blues/Three to One/Myelination, choreographer Michelle Dorrance
    Russian Academic Youth Theater

    Jungle Blues
    Three to One

    Dorrance Dance Company
    The USA

    The choreographer Michelle Dorrance

    Incredible 'singing feet', impeccable sense of rhythm, virtuoso ensembles and stunning improvisation – these are what Dorrance Dance is famous for. Three brilliant performances will give a vivid portrait of the company and boldly synthesize American step with various dance styles.

  • 19/20 September 2019
    Le Ballet de L`Opera de Lyon / France
    31 rue Vandenbranden, choreographers Gabriela Carrizo and Frank Chartier
    Helikon Opera

    31 rue Vandenbranden

    Le Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon

    The choreographers Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier

    The ballet, created by a tandem of choreographers – Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier (of Belgian company Peeping Tom), tells a story about life under extreme conditions. The absurdity of everyday life, fears, nightmares and loneliness of the characters are exposed in the crooked, bent and twisted bodies of dancers. The harmony of Neoclassicism disappears, airy pirouettes are replaced by falls and instead of perfect lines there are broken angular movements. This performance, staged by one of the most famous dance companies in the world, the Ballet of the Lyon Opera, like a mirror, reflects the problems of modern Europe./p>

  • 26/27 September 2019
    Omar Rajeh Company / Lebanon
    #minaret, choreographer Omar Rajeh
    Theatre of Nations


    Omar Rajeh Company

    The choreographer Omar Rajeh

    he Lebanese choreographer and dancer Omar Rajeh explores our resistance to vandalism, the violation of our personal boundaries and our response to emotional shock. The performance itself is named in memory of the now destroyed Great Mosque minaret, which towered over the ancient city of Aleppo for 1000 years. It features modern dance, video art, and a rich palette of sounds, all inspired by the musical heritage of Syria.

  • 2/3 October 2019
    The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet / Norway
    Hedda Gabler, choreographer Marit Moum Aune
    The Bolshoi Theatre, New Stage

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    Hedda Gabler

    The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet Theatre

    The choreographer Marit Moum Aune

    The choreographer Marit Moum Aune, speaking through the language of dance, retells a famous psychological drama from Henrik Ibsen. The story focuses on a brilliant but willful General's daughter, Hedda Gabler. The expressive gracefulness of the actors, the amazing music from jazz experimentalist and trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær, and the twilight set design by Even Børsum, all merge to engulf the viewer in a classically Scandinavian atmosphere of 'doom and gloom'.

  • 8/9 October 2019
    Akram Khan Company / UK
    Outwitting the Devil, choreographer Akram Khan
    Stanislavsky Music Theatre

    Outwitting the Devil

    Akram Khan Company
    The United Kingdom

    The choreographer Akram Khan

    The outstanding master of contemporary dance and winner of the Laurence Olivier prize (2019), Akram Khan, combines an Indian sense of rhythm and plasticity with aesthetics from contemporary dance. He explores both old and new myths in the context of an ever-changing world to the sounds of Vincenzo Lamagna, a British composer known for his industrial rhythms, flowing melodies and soundscapes. The production is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and its reinterpretation The First Supper by Australian artist Susan Dorothea White.

  • 23/24/25 October 2019
    NDT / Niderland
    Shut Eye/The Statement/Woke up Blind/Singulière Odyssée, choreographers: Paul Lightfoot and Sol Leon, Crystal Pite, Marco Goecke
    The Bolshoi Theatre, New Stage

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    Shut Eye
    The Statement
    Woke up Blind
    Singulière Odyssée

    The Netherlands

    The choreographers: Paul Lightfoot & Sol León, Crystal Pite, Marco Goecke

    In the dance world the NDT is considered to be one of the seven wonders. This NDT performance will feature four one-act ballets by the outstanding choreographers Paul Lightfoot, Sol León, Crystal Pite and Marco Goecke. Shut Eye asks the question 'How strongly is our vision of the world distorted by our feelings?' The Statement brings us back to a cold reality where people in positions of authority, following the logic of the government, are engaged in a dialogue with their own conscience. In the ballet Woke Up Blind the dance merges with the music of Jeff Buckley, who died tragically and young, and penetrates into the essence of human emotions. Singulière Odyssée creates a wonderful but distorted world, a world of magical stillness in an alienated reality set to the music of Max Richter.

  • 2/3 November 2019
    Kukai Dantza/ Spain
    Oskara, choreographer Marcos Morau
    Stanislavsky Music Theatre

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    Kukai Dantza

    The choreographer Marcos Morau

    This amazing and beautiful show, already performed at prestigious European festivals, was created by a new star of modern choreography, Marcos Morau, for the Basque group Kukai Dantza. It is based on an internal dialogue that questions one's own identity. Dance becomes an instrument in search of answers to the key questions for a European, such as those regarding traditions and freedom, countries and languages, creativity and dogma, past and future.

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  • 2/3 November 2019
    Company Wayne McGregor / UK
    Autobiography, choreographer Wayne McGrego
    The Bolshoi Theatre, New Stage
    with «Golden Mask» Festival

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    Company Wayne McGregor
    The United Kingdom

    The choreographer Wayne McGregor

    The performance is shown together with the festival Golden Mask.

    Wayne McGregor has been one of the top British and international choreographers for more than 20 years. While searching for inspiration he literally gazed inward inside himself, allowing geneticists to fully decipher his genome. Thus, his own genotype, interpreted as an autobiographical text, was the impetus for the creation of this ballet – an abstract meditation on aspects of self, life, writing, refracting both remembered pasts and speculative futures.